Insight Unsought

Lushh presents a live, recorded concert experience to explore human sleep patterns and the state of dreaming. 


Album Single - II. Oneirophrenia / Parasomnia


Insight Unsought came together as a result of Lushh’s longstanding desire to participate in a large-scale multimedia project. In the members’ time as students at Western Michigan University they have had a number of opportunities to collaborate with various artistic disciplines within the school--including dance, visual art, theater, and the Multimedia Arts and Technology program--through a number of specific one-off projects meant to bring together different components of the college of fine art. The musical concept of sleep and dream-states was established prior to the larger-scale multimedia nature of the project, but in discussing with producer Alex Tobin the idea of a concert performance, it made sense to think of ways to elaborate on the scope of the project. Poetry served as a primary inspiration for the creation of the music, so the idea to incorporate recitation came naturally, and a number of personal and professional connections within the artistic community of Kalamazoo led to the idea of a full-scale live recording project with lighting design, projection, and live painting to go along with the music, which was finally realized at Overneath Creative Collective on November 18, 2017 after nearly two years of work.