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theatrical SOUND DESIGN

A Year with Frog and Toad - Farmers Alley Theatre - Directed by Sandra Bremer

Avenue Q - Farmers Alley Theatre - Directed by Robert Weiner

Fun Home - Farmers Alley Theatre - Directed by Kathy Mulay

Frozen Jr. - Comstock Auditorium - Directed by Dennis Burchett

The Conviction of Lady Lorraine - Spring Tour - Denver Center for the Arts | Lampkin - Directed by Dwandra Lampkin

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - Farmers Alley Theatre - Directed by Jeremy Lapp

Jeremiah Downes & Friends - Cabaret - Farmers Alley Theatre | Jeremiah Downes - Composed by J. Downes

The Marvelous Wonderettes - Farmers Alley Theatre - Directed by Sandra Bremer

Little Shop of Horrors - Kindleberger Arts Festival - Produced by Jan Watson

Alice in Wonderland - Kindleberger Arts Festival - Produced by Jan Watson

The Christians - Farmers Alley Theatre - Directed by D. Terry Williams

The Conviction of Lady Lorraine - Farmers Alley Theatre | Dwandra Lampkin - Directed by Lofton Durham

The Diary of Anne Frank*BroadwayWorld Nominee - Farmers Alley Theatre - Directed by Adam Weiner

It Shoulda Been You (Asst. Sound Design) - Farmers Alley Theatre - Sound Designed by Garrett Gagnon

Peter and the Starcatcher (Asst. Sound Design) - Farmers Alley Theatre - Sound Designed by Garrett Gagnon

1776 (Asst. Sound Design) - Farmers Alley Theatre - Sound Designed by Garrett Gagnon


Design Spotlight

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Original Sound Design + Original Music Composition

Farmers Alley Theatre - March 2019

The [designers] are just as much the storytellers as the actors, for this is a story that is told with special effects. They give the audience a taste of what it is like to experience sensory overload…
— Bridgette Redman, EncoreMI

The lighting, sound design, original music, and other technical elements create stunning spectacles and soundscapes that evoke a walk in space, a subway ride, or an oncoming train. While these elements suggest stimuli that are often too much for Christopher, the audience never feels threatened or overwhelmed. —GORDON BOLAR, WMUK NPR 102.1


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’s design was centered on bridging the gap between what occurs within Christopher Boone’s mind and what occurred sonically in the space. All content produced served one of three purposes: to illustrate his feelings, to convey his perspective, or to aid our scenic and lighting teams in depicting location. I achieved this effect by utilizing two distinct speaker systems and a handful of spot speakers hidden throughout the theatre for location specific moments. The first system was comprised of the theatre’s mains and subs - six near-field, passive Bag Ends overhead for ample house coverage and three Yamaha active subwoofers placed underneath each seating unit that surrounded the stage in thrust. This primary system was reserved for what happens within Christopher’s mind: music illustrating excitement or fear, cues which demonstrated reactions to confusion-fear-anger-and peace, and hyper-realistic interpretations of the sounds which trigger Christopher from reality—enveloping the audience from above and below in his feelings and perspective. The secondary system surrounded the theatre and projected upon our audiences from behind. Comprised of small active wedges, this system was reserved for atmospheric and realistic cues that aided in taking our story from location to location while physically coming from a space removed from Christopher’s reality.

This separation is the backbone of my design as it details the stark contrast that Christopher experiences from the world as we hear it.

Partnering with composer and multi-media artist, Antonio Mitchell, we produced twenty-three original pieces of music to underscore and interpret Christopher’s adventure. Examples of potential executions of our cues and music together can be found throughout this section of the portfolio.

After the curtain call, Hussmann [Christopher Boone] gives the audience a rapid-fire rundown of all the lights and technology used during the show and it is just the tiniest taste of the tools that these technicians used to such great artistic effect all night long.

Bridgette Redman, EncoreMI



US Open 2019 - Opening Ceremony & Arthur Ashe Kids Day

Ben Platt

Austin Mahone


Ava Maxx

Max and Quinn XCII

Alice Cooper 2018 Tour

Michael Bolton

Theresa Caputo

Marcus King Band

Home Free

F O H | a1

Beauteous x MoMA Pop Rally Event

Edward Simon Afinidad w/ Imani Winds

MOSS (Members of the New York Voices)

Kate McGarry

Theo Bleckmann

Lauren Kinhan

Jo Lawry

Peter Eldridge 

Justin Lee Schultz - JLS Experience

General Robert B. Neller - Commandant US Marines

Thunder from Down Under

2017 Society of Composers National Conference

Beaver Island Music Festival 2016-18 (37ent)

The Founding   

Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers

Chico Pinheiro

Matt Giraud

Randy Brecker

Julien Labro Duo

Nellie McKay

Sunny Wilkinson

George Garzone

Gold Company

Kaitlin Rose Band

Keith Hall

Nick Finzer

Jeremy Siskind

Andrew Rathbun

Scott Cowan

Sample input List


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Winter Grey Suit, Bedroom Ceilings

Insight Unsought, Lushh Collaborative Live Album (thanks to the Kalamazoo Artistic Development Initiative)   

Venomous Love (Single), The Advanced Hip Hop Project

Speckles of Brown and Gold (Single), Lushh                     

Great Fairy's Fountain Theme (Single), Lushh

Gone, Missing; The Class Acts                                                                 

Western Sound Studio / WMU Jazz Area Collaboration


Jeremiah Downes + Friends: Live, Jeremiah Downes

Sounds of the Seasons 2018, Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra

Projection Replicator, Bedroom Ceilings

Live at E. Paterson, MJ Epperson and Meghan Stagl                           

Breaking Point, Caleb Hammer (performed by the Russell Brown Brass Quintet)

Someone to Light Up My Life / An Odd Ambiguity (Downbeat Award), James Richardson

Sounds of the Seasons 2017, Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra

All for One Live, Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra (Tracking Only)

Mahler 6 Live, Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra

Silhouettes Against the Soil (Single), The Founding

To a City Fair (EP), Blarney Castle                             


Gilmore International Keyboard Festival 2018

Igor Levit, 2018 Gilmore Artist

Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra

Lawrence Brownlee

Julien Labro Quartet

Wei Luo

Elliot Wuu

Stephanie Trick & Paolo Alderighi

Nellie McKay

Matt Giraud Live @ Overneath Creative Collective

Western Jazz Quintet @ Overneath Creative Collective

Form. (LP), The Founding  

What is Noise @ Overneath Creative Collective

Gilmore International Keyboard Festival 2016

In the Meantime (LP), 2D Wisdom @ Overneath Creative Collective

Songs Against Slavery (LP), Grace Theisen @ Overneath Creative Collective 


BroadwayWorld Detroit Nominee - Best Sound Design 2018 for The Diary of Anne Frank (Farmers Alley Theatre)

Attendee - 143rd Audio Engineering Society Convention 2017 - NYC

Member - Audio Engineering Society

Winner - Kalamazoo Artistic Development Initiative Grant courtesy of the Kalamazoo Institute of Art

Attendee - National Arts Marketing Project Conference 2017 - Austin, TX